Restorative Dentistry - Bridges

Why do I need a bridge?
When a tooth is missing, it can cause a chain reaction of problems. Surrounding teeth may shift, causing stress to your jaw joint (TMJ) when you chew. It’s much harder to clean teeth that have shifted, so harmful tartar can build up, which can cause cavities and gum disease

The procedure
A bridge fills in this space, using the adjacent teeth for support. These teeth will be reduced and contoured, and then we’ll make a precise impression of your teeth. Using this impression, a dental lab will make a model, and it’s on this model that your bridge is created.

What will my new bridge look like?
We will consider the function as well as the appearance of your replacement teeth when we select the material for your new bridge. We may use porcelain, acrylic, gold or other alloys, or a combination of these materials, depending on your situation.

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