Adult Orthodontics are one of the most underutilized services when it comes to Dental Prevention.We normally associate General Dentistry with cleanings, fillings and the like, but my practice is very much about how your teeth function together ---- how they bite!

This is the cornerstone of all that goes on in the Oral Cavity.......and it is always changing .

I am proud to be an Invisalign Provider since 2005, an aligner- based Orthodontic system which moves your teeth through "Invisible Technology". It is not only clear, but also removable, so no metal brackets to catch food -or your lips- on! It also allows your teeth to be cleaned normally, unlike conventional braces.

I invite you to hit the Invisalign link in this website to see many of the "Before and After" results, along with the time frame it took to get there.

If you would like to meet with me to talk about this great service, I encourage you to contact me for a complementary consultation!!

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