Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry is, basically, a conscious sedation technique which can provide you complete comfort and relaxation throughout your entire dental treatment. Afterwards, you should have little to no memory of the visit at all.

Sedation dentistry has been used safely over 30 years with millions of dental procedures having been accomplished worldwide.

We have two levels of Sedation Dentistry to utilize as you are achieving your oral health goals.

The first is “Laughing Gas” or Nitrous Oxide, as it is known in the dental field.  Used since 1863, it is a gas that you breath in through a nasal device.  It has a rapid onset as well as a rapid exit from your body.  It is safe for use in most children and adults, who are not pregnant or who have COPD.  It’s use here generally does not require you to have a driver.

The second is Conscious Sedation achieved with a combination of medications usually taken the night before and/or the morning of your appointment, or with Intravenous medication in the office.   A consultation is the first step in deciding if you qualify for this type of sedation.  For both of these levels,  you will require a driver.

Sedation Dentistry is a way for you to minimize the number of visits needed to complete your work and  maximize our time with you!  Many patients are able to complete years of dental problems in just one visit….to see if this is possible for you, a post-consultation exam is necessary.

Each technique is useful for the fearful patient…we can determine which is best for your particular situation in the office!

With Sedation Dentistry, there is no reason for you to fear the dental office!

Sedation Dentistry

Patient comfortably and safely receiving sedation dentistry