Fluoride Treatment

fluoride treatment

Fluoride is vital for dental health

Fluoride combines with your tooth enamel to strengthen it and increase its resistance to attacks from harmful decay-causing acids. Plus, if you already have some decay, fluoride can work to repair damaged tooth structure, often slowing or even stopping the decay process.

fluoride treatment

Beneficial for all ages

Fluoride is the greatest breakthrough in preventive dentistry in more than 50 years. It has dramatically reduced the incidence of tooth decay in children. Plus, it can reduce root decay and root sensitivity in older adults, and it strengthens and rebuilds tooth enamel in all ages.

fluoride treatment

Where can you get fluoride?

Most toothpaste contains fluoride, and many cities fluoridate their water. If yours doesn’t, we can prescribe fluoride in the form of a gel, tablets, drops or prescription toothpaste. It’s also helpful to have a fluoride application immediately after a cleaning in our office.