inlay procedure

Inlays restore back teeth

We often recommend inlays to restore back teeth, because they are one of the highest quality options available. They preserve tooth structure, and are more durable than some of our other choices. Inlays are custom made to fit precisely between the cusps of your teeth.

inlay procedure

The procedure

Restoring your teeth with inlays takes several steps. We carefully prepare your teeth, then take an impression and send it to a dental laboratory. There, a model of your teeth is made and is used to create your inlay from porcelain, gold or other alloys, or a combination, depending on your situation.

inlay procedure

A precise fit

On your next visit, the inlays are placed in your teeth, and are adjusted for a precise fit. Once that’s achieved, we cement the inlays , polish them, and again check the accuracy of your bite. Then, the appearance and function of your teeth will be restored!