Sealants can help prevent a vulnerable tooth from getting decay, and are one of the most conservative treatments available.

Essentially, a sealant is a “protective varnish” that flows into the deep grooves of your teeth. The bristles of a tooth brush can not reach these deep grooves, and thereby remain unclean and prone to decay.

Sealants prevent this cycle from happening!

I use sealants on both children and adults, especially where there is evidence where the tooth or teeth will get decay if nothing is done.

Sealants at this office are bonded to the teeth, so there is no risk of dislodging, and release a high amount of fluoride for years!

There are usually no shots with this procedure, and numerous teeth can be sealed at one time. Although there are still no guarantees that a tooth won’t decay, when it comes to “insurance policies for the teeth,” sealants are as close as they get!

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