The Source & The Solution

Complete Dental health includes a set of teeth that have no cavities or fractures, no bleeding of the gums, have a "protected" bite and unstressed jaw joint, and stay in the same place indefinitely. IT is rare to have all of these at the same time, and each of them is as destructive as the other.

As we age (regardless of age) our bodies are in a constant state of change. These changes included changes in the jaws and the teeth. The jaw changes due to the calcium flux in our skeletal system. Bone cells are taken from the very dense and rich jaw bones, and taken to the other stress -- bearing joints such as the knee and hip. This makes the jaw smaller.

The problem is that teeth have to fit in a smaller "housing" now. This causes them to turn, go forward or other movement in order to fit, thus throwing our bite out of balance and start breaking down the system.

Opportunistic Bacteria then take advantage of the breakdown, and start to cause gum disease and decay, further propagating the cycle, which goes on and on.

This cycle can be slowed and relieved. First, stress must be eliminated and bacteria must be removed.

Then, teeth must be stabilized and retained, usually by a clear, wireless retainer worn a few times a week at night. When the jaw is stabilized and teeth are retained, they can be examined individually, over the course of time, and at your convince, for damage that has occurred due to this process.

The rest is maintenance and recall, and cleans and checks. As you continue on this cycle, we may recommend in further treatment as we go. When all this is in the process, ideal Dental health can be achieved!
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